Platonic Medical Care Thinking

Many people ask whether these new nursing theories have little effect on decision making in the healthcare profession. Certainly, they will have a positive impact on decision making but not as a direct result of the theory – the individual decisions are always made in the context of all the other important factors.

As a keystone for the health care industry, it is a critical factor to consider. help write a thesis statement What do nurses do and how do they do it? They are professional professionals and they must be supported by a set of critical thinking techniques that must be employed to make intelligent and well-informed decisions.

Their individual decisions must include the outcome of all other factors. They are not simply being told to act. Even if their instructors tell them to act, they still have to look at other aspects of the situation such as its feasibility and whether it is likely to affect the welfare of the patient or not.

In addition, they also have to consider the implications of their action or inaction on patient welfare. Nurses are expected to make decisions in this way – as the ultimate authority of the patient (who needs to be treated first) it is essential to respect the patient’s wishes and also their doctor’s recommendations, their safety, the safety of the team and the patients’ welfare.

The individual is challenged to identify the ultimate outcome or the best solution. There may be no answer to that which satisfies all of the criteria for optimal health.

And if the individual patient has many other considerations such as their family and the quality of life for themselves, then they will have to consider the impact on these other factors. This often means that they will make some rather unexpected and difficult decisions.

One important clinical decision is whether to attempt a surgery or not, there are many factors that go into this decision including patient comfort levels and their level of pain. The risk involved and how quickly the operation could progress are all factors that will influence this decision.

We all know that we are not unanimous in our ideas and this is also true of medical professionals. Often, we are in disagreement about one of our beliefs, as is usually the case, but nurses must be able to differentiate between fact and fiction to make sure that they are making sound and unbiased judgments.

Even if there is agreement on one issue, the debate will always continue so that nurses can continue to disagree about the issue. You cannot have a discussion that is both fully supportive and complete discord because you will never reach a resolution.

In this environment of uncertainty, nurses must learn to be rational and be prepared to make the appropriate decisions based on the information that they have at hand. Even if the alternative isn’t perfect, we need to have the knowledge that making the right decision is the most important issue.

Clearly, nursing theories are not the only critical factor to consider in making these critical decisions. But if you are considering entering the healthcare industry, you should consider them seriously.